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Strategic Tactics of Protection, LLC, is dedicated to the safety and protection of the individual.  We provide firearms training, safety, and security services with a strong commitment to empowering each individual with the knowledge and skills critical to not becoming a victim.

Focused on quality and in-depth training, STOP offers a variety of classes ranging from concealed carry handgun to unarmed defense and personal protection in the home.  Through the use of language which is approachable and retainable, students are instructed in the laws which govern the use of deadly force, the carrying of a concealed handgun, as well as shotgun and rifle proficiency/safety and unarmed defense.  Each student is given the opportunity to graduate with a clear and well rounded knowledge of both the legal aspects and the practical application of firearm use.  In addition to our variety of classes, STOP offers personal, event and executive security services.


Check out our website and Facebook page for additional information regarding class offerings/descriptions, upcoming and future classes as well as important links and testimonials.  

Concealed Carry Instructor Tony DeRico Shooting a rifle

STOP instructor, Tony DeRico, shooting a rifle at the outdoor shooting range.

If you are also passionate about safety, reach out to me and I'll show you how to start generating a passive income while educating others.

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