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 Concealed Carry Handgun Certification Class

The concealed handgun certification class is a course which is required to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  The North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission requires that the class be a minimum of Eight (8) hours plus Handgun Qualification.  Our class offers both classroom and practical instruction in handgun safety and operation.  It also covers the North Carolina laws concerning the carrying and use of a concealed handgun.  The class additionally includes various shooting exercises thus meeting ALL of the requirements of the state of North Carolina.


$100 if you have your own handgun and box (50 rounds) of ammo


$150 if you need to use our handgun (price includes required ammo)


Gift Certificates and Private Group Classes (for churches, companies, organizations, clubs, ladies only, etc) are available upon request.

Private Firearm Safety and Basic Shooting Classes

Hours for the private firearm safety and basic shooting classes are Sunday through Friday with appointments from 3pm - 7pm.  Please email us at to set appointment(s).


$35 per hour if you have your own handgun and ammo


$75 per hour if you need to have the firearm and ammo to be provided

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